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Bride Threatens To Cancel Wedding Over Short Best Man


Another day, another bride more concerned about how her wedding pictures are going to look than being a good person.

Here’s the latest bridezilla story…

  • A women shared on Facebook (and it was later shared on Reddit) that she is upset because her groom’s best man is only 5-foot-3 and the groom won’t replace him for someone who’ll look better on the big day.
  • The woman says that not only is the best man short, he has a unibrow and crooked teeth, noting, “he will look ridiculous escorting my sister down the aisle.”
  • The bride asked the groom if the best man could be at the end of the aisle during the ceremony and pictures so it would be easy to crop him out, which means he’d be basically be choosing a different best man, but he refused.
  • She says she’s so upset that the groom wouldn’t move him that she has threatened to call off the wedding.
  • She shared, “I just need some support from fellow women who know how stressful it is to pull off a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing wedding day.”

As you can imagine, most people blasted the shallow bride for her actions, with some suggesting the groom is now being offered an easy escape from a marriage to a terrible person.

  • “Let her call off the wedding. Someone who is that focused on looks isn’t someone anyone needs in their lif,” one person wrote, while another added, “Husband should marry his best man. They have a healthier relationship.”
  • The bride did receive a few messages of support on Facebook, with one person noting, “Eww honestly, nothing worse than seeing a hobbit/troll in a wedding party,” and another adding, “Tell your husband to pick another best man or the weddings off. This is unacceptable, honestly.”

Source: Daily Mail

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