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Some Women In Japan Banned From Wearing Glasses At Work


Sexism in the workplace is still going strong and new reports from Japan show a surprising new thing women are being singled out for: wearing glasses. Women in a variety of different jobs, including receptionists and nurses, say they’ve been banned from wearing glasses at work for reasons including the glasses make them look cold, unfriendly, or too intelligent.

“Business Insider” talked to a Japanese woman in her 20s who is a receptionist in a major department store who says her supervisor told her “glasses are prohibited” because women need to “look feminine.” She’s also required to wear a dress and two-inch heels (provided by the company) and says she was told over and over that she needs “to look sweeter and more feminine.” But on the flip side, it’s entirely acceptable for male receptionists at her company to wear glasses.

Another woman who works as a nurse at a beauty clinic says her company’s dress code clearly states that glasses aren’t allowed. She says her boss would also reprimand her for not wearing makeup or for wearing “a slightly less full” set of fake eyelashes. Her biggest complaint? That at the university hospital, the nurses were judged on technique and knowledge, but at her job, it’s more about looks. She finally left her job because she says she was tired of the “lookism” and didn’t want “to impose some uniform beauty standard.”

Source: Business Insider

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