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Woman Dumps Date Only To Find Out He Won $800K On A Bet So She Stuck Around


It’s amazing how fast people can have a change of heart. Especially when there’s $800,000 involved.

An Australian man named Kenny was on a date while watching the Melbourne Cup, which is Australia’s most famous horserace. During the races, the woman apparently wasn’t feeling it and told Kenny that she was going to leave to catch a local train back home. Kenny told her that he appreciated her honesty.

Shortly after that, the big race went off and Kenny realized he was a winner. He made a $10 bet predicting the first four finishers of the race. The horses finished the race in the exact order he picked. That $10 ticket was now worth $793,000.

Then, in a totally random change of heart, Kenny’s date decided to stay a bit longer after he had her validate that he really won. Kenny bought drinks for his date for the rest of the night before the two decided to go their separate ways. He hasn’t talked to her since.

Source: DailyMail 

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