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A Family Of Cockroaches Found Living In Mans Ear


Never leave food by the side of your bed. A man in China learned this the hard way after being rushed to the hospital with a terrible earache.

The 26-year-old man complained of sharp pain in his ear that wouldn’t go away. His family had shined a light in his ear and said they thought a bug might be inside. When doctors examined the man they couldn’t believe what they had found. It seems that the man had a family of 10 baby cockroaches along with their mother living inside his hearing canal.

Doctors say that the man had a habit of leaving snacks near his bed while he slept, which likely prompted the insect interlopers to use his ear as an impromptu incubation chamber.

They were able to remove the family of cockroaches and their mom with a pair of tweezers.

Source: New York Post

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