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Not Having Enough Time To Exercise Isn’t A Valid Excuse


People seem to always be complaining that they are just too busy to work out, but a new study suggests that’s not really true. Most people have plenty of time, they are just wasting it on things like their phones.

A new study by the RAND corporation looked at the amount of time folks spend doing everyday tasks, including brushing their teeth, shopping for groceries, doing chores and more.

  • The study noted that no gender or economic group spends more than 7% of their time on exercise.
  • But nobody’s actually too busy to exercise, with all genders, age groups and races having at least 4-point-5 hours of free time each day, although men have 30 minutes more than women.
  • As for what they are actually doing instead of working out, the study finds most folks are scrolling on a screens, like laptops, smartphones, TVs, etc.

“There is a general perception among the public and even public health professionals that a lack of leisure time is a major reason that Americans do not get enough physical activity,” study co-author Dr. Devorah Cohen, a physician researcher at RAND, says. “But we found no evidence for those beliefs.”

Source: Business Insider

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