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The Little Things That Make People Happy


While winning the lottery, or finding the perfect mate may make people happy, there are also plenty of little things that bring joy into people’s every day life. And now some folks are sharing.

A recent Reddit thread asked “What little things keep you happy?,” and plenty of people were more than happy to chime in.

Little things that make people happy include:

  • “Squirrels, man. Whenever I’m having a rough time and I see those energetic little tree rats running around without a care in the world, I cheer up a bit.”
  • “The sound of my dog following me around the house. I get up, he gets up. I hear his little feet tapping on the floor and his metal collar/tags clinking together…it’s perfect.”
  • “Watching a bird take a bath. They look like they enjoy it so much.”
  • “Whenever someone tells me that a certain thing reminded them of me, or that they thought of me after looking at something.”
  • “When my husband takes the time to brush the snow off my car, even though it’s early and he really doesn’t have to. It makes my heart smile that he thinks of me.”
  • “Eating good comfort food while starting an episode of a series that you’re bingeing, knowing that there are hundreds more unseen episodes waiting.”
  • “The sunset. It reminds me of how beautiful the world can be. Even if the place you’re at in the moment seems hostile and dark, you can see beauty in it.”
  • “Watching a dog sleep on its back. They look so carefree and silly.”
  • “Actually getting a simple ‘thank you’ for holding the door open for people. It gives me a little glimpse of hope for the future.”

Source: Buzzfeed

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