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Researchers Promoting Sex Robots That Can Turn You Down


Here’s a little something for the “what’s the point of THAT files”: A couple of researchers say it would more beneficial to society if “virtuous sex robots” were the “way of the future. You know…sex bots that can turn you down.

Anco Peters and Pim Haselager published “Designing Virtuous Sex Robots” in the International Journal of Social Robotics. Their theory goes like this, by having sex robots that can “grant and withhold sex,” they can then be used as a form of sexual education. It’s like “consent practice,” but you’re using robots rather going out on real dates with real women.

Through their “consent module,” they see this breed of sex robot as a way to “prevent unwanted behavioral patterns.” In addition, they’ve floated the idea of a “compassion cultivating sex robot” for teen sex education. Those would be devices that could practice “consent scenarios,” but could also “cultivate a virtue like compassion” that can be used in education and sex therapy.

Others say it’s a cute idea, but the notion anyone would buy into such “virtuous” machinery is pretty “unrealistic.” << see audio to right >>

Source: The College Fix

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