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he Unwritten Rules Every Guy Should Know


There’s a code when it comes to being a man. Even though the rules aren’t written down, there are still things that every guy does…or should do…that are genetically passed along to us through our evolution. A thread on Reddit asked men to share their “unwritten rules” of manhood.

  • If possible, use every other urinal in the bathroom. If there are multiple options and you still choose the closest one to another dude, you are clearly not respectful of the guy code…or creepily curious about something that’s none of your business. That’s even if the other guy taking a leak is someone you know.
  • As long as we’re in the john, when you walk in, give a courtesy sniffle or cough to alert the other guys to your presence. It’s a courtesy thing.
  • On the street, if you make eye-contact with another guy, you exchange the subtle nod. It’s what’s known as the “silent ‘sup.”
  • If a friend buys you a drink, don’t pay it back…just buy the next round.
  • Even if the spider scares you, suck it up and handle it. Don’t be the guy that makes your lady do all the spider elimination. And, if you are that guy, don’t let your buddies find out.
  • Never leave a guy hanging on a “high five.” The only acceptable reasons for doing this are if you have a broken hand, you are blind, or are an amputee.

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Source: Reddit

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