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Woman Makes It On Plane Without Any Identification Or Ticket


A strange situation took place on Sunday at the Orlando International Airport in Florida. It appears that a woman had to be escorted off a flight after she somehow made it on the plane without a ticket or any identification.

The flight attendants on the Delta flight, headed to Atlanta, had been notified that a woman was sitting in a seat that didn’t belong to her. The extra passenger, Sylvia Rictor, refused to leave the seat when asked.

When asked for her boarding pass she claimed to have thrown it away when she got on the plane and then tried showing them a picture of herself on her cellphone as identification. The police eventually got her off the plane.

However, once the plane began to taxi on the runway, it was stopped and boarded by TSA and Federal authorities after they found out the woman hadn’t had a ticket on any flight and that she somehow just made it on to that flight.

The plane eventually took off and Delta apologized to passengers. No word yet on how she got on the flight.

Source: WFTV

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