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Fast-Food Chicken Nuggets Ranked


Chicken nuggets are usually a big hit, no matter how old you are. But not all fast-food items are created equal. So which chain has the best nuggets around? PopSugar did the tough work of taste testing chicken nuggets from some of your favorite fast-food restaurants and this is how they rank them.

9) White Castle Chicken Rings – The shape may be fun, but these “can sometimes be a little too salty and have no crunch.”

8) Burger King Classic Nuggets – If you’re looking for juicy meat and crunch, these “fall just a little bit short.”

7) KFC Popcorn Nuggets – These are more about the breading than the actual meat.

6) Shake Shack Chick’n Bites – While the chicken is juicy, the “over-battered” exterior slides off the meat and doesn’t have the crunch people crave.

5) Burger King Chicken Fries – The spices used and the “Chicken Fry Sauce” they come with may be the best part.

4) Wendy’s Classic Nuggets – People like the size of these and they have a crowd-pleasing “consistent crunch.”

3) Chick-fil-A Nuggets – They’re smaller than other nuggets on the list, and while they are juicy inside, people tend to prefer the chicken sandwich and Chick-n-Strips here.

2) McDonald’s McNuggets – No matter where you are, these have the same familiar taste and that crunch you can count on.

1) Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets – Is it any surprise these are number one? Thanks to Chance the Rapper, these are back! With their spicy aftertaste and “a perfect crunch,” these are “really hard to beat.”

Source: PopSugar

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