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The Greatest Beer Gardens In The U.S.

Just like St. Patrick’s Day is a chance for everyone to drink beer and pretend they’re Irish…Oktoberfest does the same for Germany. What’s even better is the whole season lasts a month or so, leaving plenty of weekend opportunities to find a great part. Thrillist scoured the nation and found the best beer gardens the United States has to offer. Here are a few of them to get you started and make your wiener schnitzel all tingly.

  • Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden (Austin, Texas) – 100 beers on-tap and over 30 sausages made in-house.
  • Bavarian Inn (Frankenmuth, Michigan) – Every bit of it emulates German heritage.
  • Biergarten (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) – A massive beer list and substantial German menu.
  • Biergarten (San Francisco, California) – A major player in a city filled with great outdoor drinking spots.
  • Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden (Queens, New York) – An institution since 1910.
  • Dacha (Washington, DC) – A must-stop for the DC day-drinker.
  • Frankford Hall (Philadelphia, PA) – The beer and food drown out the bitching about various sports teams.
  • Kaiser Tiger (Chicago, Illinois) – The same brains behind Paddy Long’s are behind this place, and they do it right.
  • Mecklenburg Gardens (Cincinnati, Ohio) – For over 150 years, these guys have been pounding out the German heritage.
  • Munchen Haus (Leavenworth, Washington) – The centerpiece to a true Bavarian-themed town.
  • Prost! (Portland, Oregon) – The king of the Portland biergarten…period.
  • Rhein Haus (Seattle, Washington) – They’ve got a beer hall the seats 420 and even more fun outside.

You can check out the full list of 26 here! << see audio to right >>

Source: Thrillist

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