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Man Explains To Court Why He Made A Dog Poop Bomb For His Neighbor

With friends like this, who needs enemies. A man from Oregon recently explained to a judge that he really didn’t mean to make a homemade dog poop bomb and set it off in his friend’s car. The judge seems to believe him and offered him three years of probation instead of jail time.

It all started after the man’s friend borrowed some of his tools without any intention of returning them. So the man decided to concoct a homemade dog-poop bomb to harass his former friend. Robb Alexander Stout told the court that he found an old airbag at a scrap yard and set it into a plastic toolbox he then filled with dog feces. He then set the makeshift device so that when the victim opened it “it would just blow the dog crap on him.”

According to police, Stout placed the bomb on the back of his former friend’s Camaro back in April—and it detonated successfully. He did admit to the judge that he could have definitely handled the situation better.

Stout insisted he didn’t mean to cause any real harm and didn’t think he broke the law. “It was just made to hurt his ego and give me my stuff back. Like a wake-up call… It was a stupid choice and a stupid decision, I realize that now.”

The judge went easy on him and instead of jail time, sentenced Stout to three years probation and he must stay away from dog poop.

Source: The Oregonian 

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