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How To Keep From Screwing Up Your Fantasy Team Post-Draft


Even though you had the greatest draft in the history of fantasy football drafts, there’s no guarantee you’re going to be walking away with fantasy glory…and the bragging rights and money that comes with it. Now’s the time for maintenance and being aware of your surroundings. Here are seven things you can do through the year to keep your eyes on the prize and lock up a fantasy football league championship.

  • Waiver Wire – Look at the percentage of leagues where an available player is owned, how many times he was added and dropped, targets or opportunities per game, percentage of snaps he’s on the field, and updated news feeds.
  • Wasted Moves – Just because a big-time player starts off slow isn’t a reason to jump ship just yet…let the season play out a bit before making drastic moves.
  • Sleepers – Before your draft you probably saw endless lists of “sleeper” picks. Monitor the ones that went undrafted and nab the ones that show signs of life.
  • Injuries – If a player is “questionable,” it’s key to monitor the situation and know as best you can if they’re good to go…or if they’re going to be a lame duck.
  • Defense – Pay attention to what defenses your players are going up against. Especially when you’re looking beyond your “set it and forget it” lineup.
  • Trades – It’s highly under-appreciated, and everyone thinks everyone else is out to screw them. A good trade can solidify your team. Be open to it.
  • Panic – It’s a marathon…not a sprint. The playoffs are 13-14 weeks away. Let it develop a bit before you start freaking out.


Source: BroBible

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