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BA’s Video of the Night- Croc Catches Fishermans Dinner

A woman and her partner went fishing at a National Park in Australia and learned a valuable lesson on the appetites of other animals at the park. Especially the crocodiles that also live in the water with the fish.

A hungry croc made sure the woman and her friend did not get too far with their catch.

In a video from over the weekend, a woman fishing in Cahills Crossing in the Kakadu National Park in Australia’s Northern Territory can be seen catching a fish from the water and then dragging it out of the water onto land. It was actually a pretty big fish. It was also noticed by a very big crocodile that was in the water as well.

You can see the woman drag the fish out of the water while her partner comes over with the net only to realize they probably aren’t going to be catching that fish. Their fish dinner plans were interrupted by a saltwater croc that rushes out of the river and snatches the fish off the line.

The Crossing is a popular fishing spot with locals and tourists despite the dangerous crocodile-infested waters.

Source: Fox News

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