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ools You Can Use To Keep Robo-Calls At Bay


One of the great truths of life is that robocalls suck, and anyone who doesn’t mind them is an idiot or one of the a-holes behind them. More and more, technology is finding ways to help rid us of this garbage. Here are some apps you can use to protect yourself from unnecessary annoyance.

  • Verizon Call Filter – It’s a free app and is likely already on your device if you’re a Verizon customer. It’s free, but for $3 monthly, you can also get a Call-ID feature for your own personal “block list.”
  • T-Mobile Name ID – It costs $4 monthly but is included with a couple of the “Plus” plans. It flags “suspicious” calls, IDs the numbers, and let’s you do a “blocked” list.
  • Sprint Premium Caller ID – Basic blocking is free, but this three-buck-a-month feature gives you warnings about suspicious calls.
  • AT&T Call Protect – It’s rolling out to current customers and is included with new ones. Warns against spam calls and has an auto-block feature.
  • RoboKiller – For $3-a-month, their “bots” will answer their “bots,” and you won’t even have to deal with them.
  • Nomorobo – It’s $2-a-month after a two-week free trial. They claim it can tell the difference between spam calls and important things like calls from your kid’s school.
  • Callblock – It’s one of the newer apps, with a purported list of over 3 million spam numbers it can flag or block all together. You can even set it to let the occasional charity through if you so desire.
  • Hiya – One of the best-known apps out there. It’s free and will flag the calls for you. For a few bucks a month they can automatically block them, too.
  • Samsung Smart Call – It’s included in every Samsung phone, but some companies hide it so they can push their own products. Find it in the “Call Settings” of your phone, then hit “Caller ID and spam protection.”
  • Google Call Screen – Have Google Assistant filter the calls for you and let the legit ones through. It’s rolling out to other devices but is almost a Pixel exclusive right now.
  • iOS 13 Phone App – This one will drop in September, and it’s not clear how it’ll work just yet with the exception of it scanning your mail and message apps to find out who the legitimate people who are calling you will be.


Source: Field Guide

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