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Casting Call For Chocolate Commercial Calls For No Redheads Or Fat People


A recent advertisement for a casting call has sparked outrage online. It appears that an upcoming marketing campaign for a chocolate company has a very specific look they are interested in.

The casting call asked for a “very pretty” and “childlike” girl to star in an upcoming Christmas advertising campaign. The ad also said that overweight and redheaded kids should not apply.

“She must be beautiful and angelic,” it reads. “Eye color and hair color are not important but no red hair […] she must NOT have reached puberty.”

In an amendment to the original post, the casting director stated: “No overweight children as this is advertising for chocolate.”

One person commented on the post with, “If u didn’t know it was written by an acting agency. You would think a pedophile wrote it [sic].” Another added: “That’s so very creepy and clearly the Pixie Dream Girl fantasy of someone who grew up in the 1980s who probably doesn’t think #MeToo is a ‘thing’.”

Once the company that posted the call realized all the negative feedback, they released a statement on Twitter describing the original casting call as “totally unacceptable”.

The chocolate company also issued a statement clarifying that this was not representative of that which they shared with the casting agency.


Source: Independent 

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