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Dude Pays Chicks To Give Him Wedgies…In Public


As a schoolboy, ‘Bobby’ (the name he’s going with) was picked on and bullied. As a perpetual wedgie target, h says he’d sometimes be hung up in a tree by his underpants, and teachers would have to find a way to get him down. But what was once humiliating, has now turned into a turn-on. In fact, Bobby now has a wedgie-fetish and has even been known to pay women to do it to him in public. As he sees it, the better the wedgie…the better the pay.

WHY?! Bobby calls wedgies “the perfect combination of humiliation, domination, and pain.” There’s nothing you can do, you just have to deal with the pain,” h explains. “Someone having that much power of you is exhilarating.” Bobby’s so fond of the wedgie treatment that he likes getting them every other week, or so, and has been known to pay hundreds of dollars a month to have it done…and done right.

He prefers his wedgies in public and says the most he’s ever paid was around $121 when “two women ripped my pants off in Hyde Park on a busy summer afternoon.” The ripping was so intense he was left with only a torn-off band of undie-elastic as a souvenir. Bobby says it can be difficult finding the right wedgie-giver and thinks more people are into it than would readily admit it. In his private life, however, he keeps things on the down low, including not telling those he’s in a relationship about his little “thang.” But really, if you can’t trust the woman you love to rip your underwear up the crack of your ass, what can you trust her with? << see audio to right >>

Source: My London

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