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Woman Finds Note On Car Offering To Buy Her Underwear

As far as creepy notes left on a car windshield go, this is right up there as the creepiest.

A furious young woman went to Facebook to share a creepy note she received from a stranger asking if she was interested in selling her underwear. Tess Scorrar of Queensland, Australia was returning to her car from a walk on the beach when she found the note under the windshield wiper.

“I think your (sic) very attractive. If your (sic) interested, I would like to pay you cash for your panties”, the note read. “I’ll meet you on the side of the road back to town. Just pull over. I’ll find you.”

She couldn’t believe what she was reading and sat in her car for about 30 minutes before leaving in fear that someone might follow her home. She eventually made it home and posted the note on Facebook so that others might be aware of what this person was doing.

Many of her friends agreed the letter was “pretty messed up” and praised her for reporting it to police, which she initially wasn’t going to do, saying it was a waste of police resources.

However, her friends convinced her otherwise. They are investigating the note.

Source: Facebook

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