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Tips For Those Going Into Their First Fantasy Football Drafts


Most of you are already deep into fantasy football prep mode. However, each season always brings a few newbies to the table, with the veterans licking their chops at inexperienced new meat. For those new people, here’s a quick cheat sheet on how to prep for your league’s draft.

  • Do a mock draft to get a feel for how it all goes down.
  • Learn the rules of your league. Each league can be different, and thinking you got screwed because you didn’t know you lost points if your kicker misses a field goal sucks.
  • Bring notes to the draft…then you can at least look like you’ve prepared.
  • Look at team schedules in the real NFL…especially around playoff time.
  • Strategy is all well and good, but picking the best player on the board will usually serve you well…but pay attention to injuries, suspensions, and hold-outs.
  • Wait to pick the QB…you can always find one that’ll be just fine for you in the 7th, 8th, or even 10th
  • Don’t forget to eyeball the bye weeks.
  • Don’t feel obligated to pick two defenses or two kickers as backups.
  • Never pick a kicker until the last round. Ever.
  • The draft isn’t the be-all/end-all. The mid-season pick-ups will be where your success comes from.

Draft Well! << see audio to right >>

Source: BroBible

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