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Woman Makes Over $6k Per Day From Hand Modeling

What does a hand job pay these days? Well, one London-based woman nicknamed the “Kate Moss” of the hand modeling industry has opened about her job and industry. She revealed that she can make over $6-thousand in a single day of work and that her hands are insured for $2.4-million.

Nina Taylor has over two decades of experience being a hand model and she is opening up about her lucrative gig in a new documentary that aired this week in the UK. “Being just hands means being anonymous, there’s no conflict of interest,” she says. “You can work on all these different brands, you’re working every single day. You’re double-booked, triple-booked. That all adds up.”

Her hands have filled in for some of Hollywood’s best like Demi Moore, Jennifer Lawrence, and Scarlett Johansson. She’s also been a “hand double” for Heidi Klum, Georgia May Jagger and even the real Kate Moss in various campaigns.

Source: The Sun

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