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You Think Your Bartender Is SO Into You…Is She Really?


We’ve all been to that bar. You know, the one with the hot lady behind the bar that’s too perfect for words. It’s not just a place to have a drink, and it’s not just her job. There’s a connection between the two of you, and it could to lead to something special. Surely, she feels it, too. Right? Right?!?!

There are a couple ways it could be going, and you need to be a realist and think it through.

  • Her smile – She always make eye contact and smiles when you come into the place. It could be she really likes you…or is she doing it to everyone else, too, because it’s “bartending 101.”
  • Drink perfection – Your cocktail is always made just the way you like it. She must know you so well and wants to “take care of you”…or that’s literally her job.
  • She laughs – She’s genuinely charmed and amused by you and wants to spend her off-work hours hearing more of your wit and whimsy…or she works for tips.
  • Her schedule – She tells you when she’s working next because she wants you to come by and see her more…or she works for tips and sees you as a potential “regular.”
  • Checking in and offering water – She’s always looking in on you because she cares about your “well-being” and she’s true soulmate material…or she’s seen you down a few and wants you to keep your crap together.
  • Her friends – She’s talked about you to her friends – a sure sign that she wants to have you around outside the bar, too…or that “friend” is the bouncer and you’re being watched carefully. Stop looking at her ass and start looking out for your own.

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Source: The Hard Times

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