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Woman Smashes Laptop Over Head Of Boyfriend Because He Looked At Other Women



Love is a funny thing. It can cause the ultimate in happiness or make people do really stupid things.

For instance, there is a video from over the weekend showing a woman losing her cool while boarding a flight in Miami with her boyfriend. The woman can be seen screaming at her boyfriend while passengers looked on prior to the flight taking off. Two of the American Airlines air stewardesses stood by them apparently attempting to calm the situation but had little success.

The woman continued to scream obscenities at her boyfriend and the flight attendants kept asking her to refrain from doing so. The woman can be heard saying, “Look, I’m not gonna say nothing if you don’t say nothing and try to cause a commotion, cause he’s the f***ing problem.”

It seems her anger stems from him, “looking at other women.” As the man tries to take his seat, she begins hitting him with her fists. He attempts to get up and move seats telling her, “You’re assaulting me man,” to which she replies, “Oh, I’m assaulting you?”

Then the woman grabs a laptop, turns and smashes the boyfriend in the head with it and keeps pounding him with her fists. As the woman is being booted off the plane, she doubles back to get her purse at which point the pilot informs her that she is going to be charged with assault to which she replies, “Fine, whatever.”

No word on what, if any charges were brought against the woman or if the pair are still a couple.

Isn’t love grand?

Source: YouTube

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