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A Dozen Sports Teams Losing Fans At Huge Levels Over Last Decade


When it comes to having a great time in a crowd with food, drink, and an electric social setting, it’s hard to beat live sports. Attendance data from ESPN was just put through the wringer by 24/7 Wall Street, and it looks like just having a team isn’t enough to attract some fans. Their research found twelve teams that’ve had significant attendance drop-offs since 2008. Of those teams, ten of them are performing worse now than they were a decade ago. Here are the teams that are having problems filling the stands.

  • Detroit Tigers (MLB) – Attendance dropped 41.3% since 2008.
  • Tampa Bay Rays (MLB) – Attendance dropped 35.9%
  • Philadelphia Phillies (MLB) – Attendance dropped 35.3%
  • Chicago White Sox (MLB) – Attendance dropped 34.9%
  • Washington Redskins (NFL) – Attendance dropped 31.1%
  • Ottawa Senators (NHL) – Attendance dropped 23.2%
  • Cincinnati Bengals (NFL) – Attendance dropped 21.4%
  • Cincinnati Reds (MLB) – Attendance dropped 20.9%
  • Phoenix Suns (NBA) – Attendance dropped 17.0%
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL) – Attendance dropped 15.7%
  • Carolina Hurricanes (NHL) – Attendance dropped 13.6%
  • Indianapolis Colts (NFL) – Attendance dropped 10.8%

Off those 12 teams, only the Colts, Rays, and Hurricanes had winning records in 2018. The Canes are about equal to where they were, so some quality PR may be in order. The Rays stat highlights the sad state of baseball in Florida. The Colts stat shows just how much that city misses a legend like Peyton Manning. << see audio to right >>

Source: 24/7 Wall Street

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