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Arby’s Is Making Carrots Out Of Meat

While everyone else is out here trying to make “meat” vegan, Arby’s is flipping the trend to make a vegetable out of meat. They’re really leaning into their “We have the meats” slogan and have now created what they’re calling the “megetable” – a meat-based vegetable.

Neville Craw, Arby’s brand executive chef has invented the new megetable, the “Marrot,” which is a meat carrot made out of turkey that looks and tastes like a real carrot and even has a lot of the same nutritional value as the original orange vegetable.

Unlike many other restaurant chains who are embracing plant-based “meat” and adding it to menus, Arby’s has promised to never offer substitutes for real meat. Instead, they’re moving in the opposite direction as their competitors with this meat-based veggie. So will we be seeing the Marrot on Arby’s menus soon? “No promises,” he says. “But it’s starting to look like it could head in that direction.”

Source: Insider

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