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Bikini Model Goes Into Labor And Films PhotoShoot


Instagram models will do just about anything to get the perfect picture to post, even if they’re in labor.

A bikini model is now being slammed online for posing for a staged photo with a full face of makeup to announce that she had gone into labor.  Hannah Polites posted the pic that appeared to show that she and husband, Grant Small, alongside daughter Evaliah, were leaving for the hospital because she was in labor.

However, not everyone who follows the model thought that was a great idea. Many took time to comment and rip the post, calling it a “bizarre” and “outlandish” thing to do in the throes of labor.

One woman posted, “She’s like, ‘Ready to push’, posting photos with a full face of makeup and in a designer hospital gown.” Others were somewhat supportive saying to each their own.

Source: Hanna Polite

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