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Stud: Attacked On Wedding Eve, Groom Makes It To Church On Time


For most of us, going to the can is something we don’t give too much thought to. You walk in, drop-trou, take your crap, flush it down, and it’s gone forever. What we don’t think about is that those ornery turds go somewhere and must be dealt with, and in countries far less developed than ours it can be a major sanitation issue.

Scion’s a company based out of New Zealand that claims to have a solution – they vaporize those poo-pellets into oblivion. In short, their toilet works like a kind of microwave. It zaps it to the point that it disappears through a process known as “wet oxidation.” That’s where it’s put under pressure, fed oxygen, and heated to 392-degrees Fahrenheit. From there, the dookie’s transformed into carbon-dioxide and water. The sewage industry’s been doing it for years, apparently, but Scion wants to bring it into the home.

Funding for Scion has been provided by the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation. In the past, they also funded a project that turned “human waste into drinkable water.” Yum! Daniel Gapes is one of the guys working on the toilet-microwave project, and his hope is to make the world a little bit cleaner for everyone, and safer for the people who must work in a world filled with crap on a daily basis.

Source: Uber Gizmo

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