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Stud: Attacked On Wedding Eve, Groom Makes It To Church On Time

There are Grade-A studs among us, and they deserve to be recognized. Today, we give you Scott Richards. The night before he was to get hitched to his fiancée, Adele, he decided to have a quiet night out at a local pub for their “quiz night.” Things went awry, however, when Tyler Plumridge joined Scott’s group for the game.

Plumridge was busted trying to swipe a wallet and phone. When he was called out, he lashed out, and threw a pint glass directly at Scott’s face. The injuries from that glass were enough to cause extensive bleeding, and at one point the docs at the hospital said they were afraid he’d lose one of his eyes.

Scott and Adele weren’t supposed to speak the day before their wedding, but, when he dialed her up, that seemed to be a minor inconvenience in comparison to her groom being a bloodied and stitched-up man. Here’s the bad-ass part, though – he still made it to the church the next day despite major bruising on his face, stitches and a raging headache. The make-up artist on-hand was also able to work some magic, so they had wedding pictures that looked nice, rather than all of them having a reminder of the ugly night he’d had before.

As far as the jerk in the bar, the judge didn’t give him jail time. Instead, since he pleaded guilty to the assault charge, the prick was ordered to pay Scott around $1,270 within a three-month period. We’re thinking jail would’ve been better, but at least Scott and Adele are married and happy, and hopefully the headaches and anxiety that resulted will go away soon. You can’t keep a good man down!

Source: Fox News

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