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Mom Ruins Daughter’s Engagement Over “Cheap” Engagement Ring


Getting engaged is supposed to be one of the happiest times in a girl’s life, but one gal’s mother ruined her joy by ring shaming her.

A woman shared on the online forum Mumsnet that her boyfriend of three years recently proposed with a ring that cost about $19. While some folks may think that’s cheap, the woman explained that she isn’t that big into jewelry and they don’t have a lot of money, plus the ring in question was one she has mentioned she liked “a couple of months back.”

The bride-to-be was thrilled noting, “I was just as happy when he asked me as I would have been with an expensive ring,” but it seems her mother didn’t see things the same way. She says when she told her mom the news, “She was shocked and disgusted that my partner hadn’t spent more money on the ring and said it basically doesn’t count as an engagement.”

The bride insists the ring isn’t a big deal to her and wonders if she was the only one with the same sentiment, and received plenty of support online.

  • “Of course it’s a real engagement, congratulations,” one person noted, while another added “sounds like a fab partner you have remembering and getting the lovely ring you admired. Ignore your mum — it is your love together that counts.”
  • There were a few people who agreed with mom, with one noting, “[To be honest] personally I wouldn’t bother with a ring if it was going to be very cheap dress jewelry — there doesn’t seem to be much point really,” while another suggested the groom-to-be could have used a payment plan to get her a better ring.

Source: Café Mom

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