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‘Like New’ Yugo For Sale On Craigslist Was Parked In Garage For 31 Years


You never know what you’ll find in a garage these days. A family in Maryland took to Craigslist to post a “Like New” car they’ve had parked in a garage. The car for sale is a classic 1988 Yugo GV with only 438 miles on it.

The car has been sitting in a garage since 1988 and has only had one owner. There were only 140,000 of these cars sold before it was discontinued in 1992. The current owner says they owned it since new, and that his dad was the one that used it for that short time and bought it because he thought it was “unique and kinda neat.”

Built in what is now Serbia, the Yugo GV was introduced to the United States in 1985 as the most affordable car on sale at $3,990. However, they quickly lost value after many people realized just how awful these autos were made.

The car is listed for just $9,000.

Source: Fox News

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