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Video Explains Why Resting Your Feet On The Dashboard Is Not A Great


You may never put your feet on the dashboard while driving in a car ever again after watching this video. That’s exactly what an Australian Fire Department is hoping for after posting a video highlighting the dangers of doing that.

The footage was posted by the Narrabeen Fire and Rescue in Australia and it has prompted safety experts to call on passengers to sit correctly when riding in the front seat to avoid serious injury. The video shows the passenger airbag being manually deployed while the car is stationary.

It shows what the force from an exploding airbag could do with your feet on the dashboard. The warning comes after a woman broke every bone in her face in a crash while her feet were on the dashboard. She is pleading with others not to make the same mistake.

The now-35-year-old woman was in an accident when she was 22 years old and suffered horrific injuries when her knees slammed into her face at 120 mph when her boyfriend’s Jeep hit a wall, which left her without a forehead for two years after doctors were forced to remove it.

What worries her is that Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez are two well-known celebrities who have been known to post images to Snapchat of their feet on the dashboard.

Source: Facebook

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