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Microwave Hacks For Foodies


If you’re only using your microwave to heat up leftovers and frozen dinners, you’re missing out. This underused tool can help speed things up in the kitchen with these microwave hacks for foodies.

  • Peel garlic quickly – Just nuke garlic bulbs for 15 seconds and the skin will easily slide off.
  • Rescue stale bread – Bring life back to your bread or bagels by wrapping it in a moist paper towel and zapping in the microwave for 20-second intervals. The moisture in the paper towel will soak into the bread so it tastes fresh, but it won’t get soggy.
  • Juice fruit with ease – Pop the uncut orange or lemon in the microwave for 10 seconds to “loosen the fibers” inside the citrus so it’s easier to juice every drop.
  • Toast nuts fast – Put a handful of nuts or seeds in a bowl with a little drizzle of oil and microwave for 60-seconds at a time, stirring after each minute. Cooking times vary, but expect about five minutes.
  • Speed bread making – In a hurry to make bread or pizza crust? Let the microwave cut your time waiting for the dough to rise. Just put an eight-ounce cup of water in the back and the dough in a bowl in the middle and microwave on the lowest power for three minutes. Then let it sit for three minutes before heating it again for three minutes and letting it rest for six minutes. By then, the dough has doubled in size and is ready to bake.

Source: Reader’s Digest

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