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Modern Farmers Work Harder Than Cavemen Did


Most people would consider themselves lucky to have been born in the modern age as opposed to our ancestors who were tasked with hunting for their food to survive.

A recent study suggests that hunter-gatherers (cavemen) got a whole bunch more leisure time per week than the modern farmer today. About 10 extra hours of free time in fact.

A group of researchers spent the last two years studying the Agta, an indigenous, mountain-dwelling group of people who still engage in ancient foraging and rice farming practices. Researchers observed and recorded the daily activity of 359 individuals, noting how and when they scheduled free time, child care, domestic chores and either cultivating or hunting for food.

They found that the Agta communities that engage in agriculture ended up working harder and losing leisure time compared to their hunter-gatherer relatives. It showed that farmers spend on average 30 hours per week tending their crops, while the hunters spent just about 20 hours searching for food in the wild.

Source: Nature

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