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Pride Wonders If It’s Okay To Ask Male Guests To Pee Outside


We’ve heard of a lot of strange requests from brides but this one may just take the cake.

A post on the Facebook group “That’s it I’m wedding shaming” recently shared an inquiry from a bride, who wondered whether it was okay to ask male guests to relieve themselves outside during her wedding reception.

The bride explains that her wedding with 100 guests is taking place in the backyard, and since there are only two bathrooms in the house she was trying to come up with a way to keep traffic flowing when folks had to go. She wondered “would it be weird if I did some sort of cute nicely written sign that says ‘Men do your business outside’ and pointing towards the backyard?,” adding, “I’m just tryna save some flushes! Ladies and children of course inside but guys can tinkle outside, or is that too rude lol (sic)?”

Well you bet folks on social media had something to say about it, with many shocked that this bride would think this is okay.

  • “Come to our wedding, please p*** in the garden. That’s classy,” one person wrote, while many noted it would likely start smelling foul by the end of the wedding.
  • Others pointed out that if it happens, a lot of men would be exposing themselves at her wedding. “So you’ll have gents flopping their doodles out all over your lawn?, a person noted. “That’s one for the photo album,” while another added, “It’s all fun and games until mad Uncle Bert takes a dump in the middle of the lawn!”
  • But at least one person actually didn’t see what the big deal was, sharing, “I do not see an issue with this. Make a closed off area and let them pee outside.”

Source: Daily Mail

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