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How To Find That Work-Life Balance

Between trying to reach career goals, trying to maintain a social life and being a doting parent, life is crazy! If it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done, it’s completely true.

So many of us are still trying to maintain that work-life balance we hear so much about but struggle to achieve. Some say it can be done, like Sarah Romotsky, Director of Healthcare at Headspace, the app that teaches you how to meditate, and she says these tips can help make it happen.

  • Know your strengths – Understand where you excel and where you might need some help from others … and then take the help!
  • Prioritize your time and have set work hours – Knowing what’s urgent and what’s important, but can wait will help you avoid feeling so overwhelmed. And be sure to set clear boundaries so you can leave the office when you need to.
  • Switch off – This goes back to setting boundaries and will keep you from feeling like you have to answer that email while you’re sitting at the dinner table.
  • Shake it out by making exercise a must-do – Sure, you need to organize your inbox, but that can wait and getting your brisk walk or evening yoga class in is way more important.
  • Manage your mind and take a break – Mental health is just as important as physical health and meditation can help us manage stress and stay centered.
  • Follow your passions – Stick with your hobbies and interests that make you happy to energize and refresh the mind and engage your creative thinking, which can help in all areas of life.

Source: Glamour

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