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Unexpected Things That May Be Messing With Your Sex Drive

If you haven’t been in the mood lately, you’re probably wondering why. But women are complicated in lots of ways, including what affects our libidos. A new relationship or date night with your love can spark desire, but on the flip side, everything from your allergy meds to your coffee intake can take down your sex drive. These surprising things that could be messing with your desire.

  • Your birth control and any other medication – Any medication you’re taking, from prescription acne meds to over-the-counter cold medicine to birth control could kill your libido. If it’s drying out your skin or sinuses, it’s drying out other body parts, too. And lower sex drive can be one of the side effects of birth control because it messes with your hormones.
  • You’re feeling ALL the feels – Your emotions can definitely affect your libido. Think about it, if you’re having mood and partner issues, you’re probably not in the mood.
  • Your cups of coffee – Your caffeine kick may get you going in the morning, but too much of a good thing can lead to trouble in the bedroom. Relationship and sex expert Dr. Kat Van Kirk explains that “too much caffeine causes your adrenal glands to over-function and release stress hormones in your brain” and that can mess with sexual desire and function.
  • Negative thoughts – If you can’t look in the mirror without comparing your body to others or putting yourself down, it can cause you to lose interest in sex. Being hyper-focused on imperfections can keep you from enjoying yourself in bed and that’s no good.
  • The carpet in your house – There are toxins and chemicals in lots of household items, chemicals that can impact our hormones are in everything from microwave popcorn to carpet fiber. It’s scary, but something lurking in your home could be keeping you from being in the mood, especially if you live in an old home.

Source: Shape

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