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This Site Measures Your Growing Baby Using Big Macs

There are all kinds of places for pregnant women to find out how big the babies in their bellies are in terms of fruits and veggies. Parenting sites like BabyCenter and The Bump offer week-by-week estimates of the length and weight of the baby using everything from a poppy seed to a watermelon for comparison.

But for the soon-to-be mamas who want to track their baby’s development in-utero with something a little less healthy, now there’s This cleverly named site does just what the name implies – it accurately answers how big that baby is using Big Macs from McDonald’s as a unit of measurement.

It’s pretty easy to use, just put in the number of weeks you’ve been pregnant and you’ll find out how many Mickey D’s burgers big baby is today. The comparison is by weight, not size, so when you’re full term, it’ll tell you that at 40 weeks, your baby weighs as much as 16 Big Macs. The site isn’t officially licensed by McDonald’s, but it’s a fun idea when you want to compare baby’s size to something tastier than kale.

Source: Food Network

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