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Man Digs His Dogs Grave And Finds Out His Pooch Is Just Fine Afterall

People are having a lot of feelings about this dog watching its owner dig its grave.

TV writer Franklin Hardy, best known for “You’re the Worst,” really shocked Twitter users when he shared a near-death experience suffered by his dad’s dog.

Apparently, his dad was informed over the phone by his vet that the dog had to be put down. If you bring your animal into a clinic to be put down these days, it’ll usually be cremated, but the vet offered to come to their home, so Hardy’s dad began preparing a proper burial for his beloved pooch.

That’s all very sad and thoughtful until of course, his dad let the dog watch the digging of its own grave. When the vet arrived, he checked out the old pup again and said it was just a false alarm and the dog was just fine.

When he posted the pictures of the scene, Twitter users let their thoughts be known. His dad said the whole situation was harder on him than it was on the dog.


Source: Time 

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