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leaning Your House Is Good For Your Sex Life


Looking to spice things up in the bedroom? You may want to put down the lingerie and pick up a mop because a new survey finds that a clean house can get couples in the mood. The survey from Decluttr asked 1,000 people about how the condition of their home impacts their sex life and it turns out, having a tidy space is important to a lot of folks.

Nearly half (44%) of those surveyed say they actually prefer a clean house to having sex. And even more telling? They see cleanliness as more important to their relationship than having sex. A messy home is such a big deal to some people that it’s actually a dealbreaker, with 40% of respondents admitting they’d probably break up with someone who’s home was always a disaster.

But as much as people like having a clean living area, they like getting frisky with their partners, too, it’s just a matter of priorities. According to the survey, more than 50% say they’re more likely to have sex with their partner AFTER they’ve finished household chores and just over 60% say a clean, organized bedroom makes them more likely to have sex. So as much as you don’t feel like tackling the housework, split the choreplay with your partner and it might not be so bad.

Source: Mind Body Green

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