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Husband Reveals Wife Leaves Ring At Home So She Can Get Free Drinks From Guys

A marriage is never going to work if a couple isn’t going to be honest with each other, and one guy has some real issues with the tales his wife is telling.

A man recently took to Reddit to ask if he’s being unreasonable for being upset that his wife leaves her wedding ring home when she goes out clubbing with friends. He notes that she’s been going out with friends a lot lately and when he noticed she had left her ring at home she explained it was so she could act single to get free drinks from guys. He believes this means that she’s been flirting with guys to get free booze, and he seems to have mixed feelings about it, and it seems most folks agree that something just isn’t right in this scenario.

  • “Women don’t seek attention from other men in a healthy functioning relationship,” one person noted. “Something is wrong with [Original Poster’s] marriage and this is just a symptom of it. He would be wise to figure out what is causing it or he is in for an (expletive) divorce.”
  • “Yea, thats super (expletive) up and I see no way she could legitimately justify it,” another person added. “Pretending to be single when you’re not is as close as you can get to cheating without actually cheating.”

The guy later updated his post to say that he confronted his wife about her behavior, and after arguing about it he stayed at his brothers house for two nights. The brother suggested marriage counseling, and when they went to it the wife admitted to making out with other guys, but she said it was because she felt her hubby “was not prioritizing her enough.” While the couple hasn’t split yet, they are discussing divorce, and he says sharing his story online may have helped because if he didn’t they wouldn’t have confronted their issues head on.

Source: Café Mom

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