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Dude Gets Drunk At House Party, Wakes Up In Different House

Most of us have gotten way too into a night of drinking and paid the price the next morning at some point. On some occasions, waking up with that raging headache may have happened in unfamiliar surroundings. But one dude in Scotland took all those scenarios to a whole new level.

In a video posted to Facebook’s Scottish Banter page, we meet a guy that got blitzed and then woke up in the home of total strangers. And they weren’t entirely mad about it either. The story goes like this…the guy went to a house party in Glasgow and got sh***y like a kitty. When he woke up, he assumed he was in the same house that the party was in. He wasn’t.

While he was helping himself to the food pantry to whip up a batch of noodles, there’s a couple in the room with him, who are clearly confused. Apparently, the couple woke him up and asked who the hell he was. The guy then explains that he was part of the previous night’s party…and then he’s shocked to find out there was no party in that house.

It turns out, the guy went to get a taxi, but it left. So, he stumbled into the house next door and crashed on the couch (as you do). The best part?The couple? They weren’t mad! They even offered him some tea and a cigarette.

Source: Scottish Banter

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