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Science Says We Should Talk More During Sex


Are you a talker in bed? Lots of people talk during sex and if you’re one of them, you’re probably a lot happier with your sex life than the silent types. According to a new study, folks who communicate in bed tend to be more satisfied both sexually and in their relationships.

Researchers asked 400 people about how often they communicate during sex, how they communicated and how and how often their partner communicated. Participants also reported how happy they were with their sex lives, their relationship and the communication with their partner. And it turns out, the more people communicate in bed, the better the sex is for them.

Now, this doesn’t mean talking about anything in bed will spice up your sex life. You’re probably not going to get the same results by talking to your partner about the grocery list while you’re getting it on. But there are all kinds of ways to communicate with your body without saying a word – like moving someone’s hand, shaking your head and such. So it’s not about talking, but about letting your partner know what you want and what’s working for you and having them do the same, that way everyone is satisfied in the end.

Source: Mind Body Green

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