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an Brings Pet Camel To Petsmart

Humpday came a few days early to a Petsmart in Michigan this week.

The operator of a local petting zoo took his camel, Jeffrey, on a trip to the store in order to get the animal more accustomed to traveling in its trailer.

Scott Lewis, the man who co-owns Jeffrey with wife Cindy, traveled up from the Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo with the 11-year-old, 1,400-pound camel in tow. Jeffrey’s visit wasn’t just for fun, though. He was actually practicing for a trip to a facility where he can be accurately weighed for health purposes.

This wasn’t Jeffery’s first trip out either. He’s visited local landmarks in the area including a dentist’s office, a Chevrolet dealership, and a feed and grain store, where he was ultimately weighed.

Source: ClickonDetroit

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