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PBR Has A New Non-Alcoholic Beer

Pabst Blue Ribbon has been making beer for 175 years and to celebrate, they’re coming out with two new PBR brews. The brand with the cult-like following is known for their cheap beer and now they’re making one that’s booze-free and on the flip side, one that’s boozier.

Get ready for PBR Non-Alcoholic and Pabst Blue Ribbon Extra, both of which are supposed to have the same taste fans love, but with different benefits. The “Extra” has 6.5% alcohol compared to the usual 4.7% and the cans are bold black. The non-alcoholic brew’s can also looks a little different, since it’s missing the original label’s iconic red sash behind its blue ribbon.

And it’s got less than .5% alcohol, so sipping on these won’t leave you with a hangover (or any kind of a buzz to begin with). Both new PBR beers are in stores now and that should tide fans over until the new Pabst Blue Ribbon Whiskey arrives sometime in the future.

Source: Delish

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