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Family Crosses Border With Dead Father In Back Seat


A woman and her 60-year-old son were driving home to Hemmingford, Quebec, Canada after a trip to Florida on Sunday. When they got to the border, the officials saw a man in his 60’s with his elderly parents. Only one of them was alive and the other lay dead in the backseat.

The dad was over 80 years old, and apparently, he had a heart attack at some point during the road trip home. However, the man’s wife and son decided they couldn’t afford to deal with the American health care system or repatriating his dead body. So they kept driving.

The family drove for another two days to the border while the body was decomposing in the backseat.  A Canadian customs official says they’ve never seen something like this before and they’re not sure if the mom and son might be facing charges, or what they’d even be charged with at this point.

It’s a well-known fear for Canadians traveling to the US. If you get hurt, don’t have adequate travel insurance, are forced into the American healthcare system and all of a sudden you’re bankrupt because of a fall.

Source: VICE

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