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The Hottest Breweries In The U.S. Right Now


Some are calling the time we are living in right now the “golden age of craft brewing.” It’s easy to back that statement up, too, when you consider that at this very moment there are over 6,500 breweries serving up their very best original brews. Thrillist put together a panel of experts from across the nation to determine which ones were making the most noise right now.

  • (California) Moksa Brewing –Has become scorching hot after their 2018 opening.
  • (Chicago) Middle Brow Beer Co –Gained their following even before they opened up a taproom.
  • (Chicago) Off Color Brewing –Have gained distribution in 37 states to building their powerful brand.
  • (Cincinnati) Rhinegeist Brewery –Few could’ve seen the 53% grown they saw in 2017 coming.
  • (Georgia) Variant Brewing Company –Exciting things are going on outside of Atlanta, too.
  • (Maine) Bissel Bros – Consistent throughout all their beers, and not just the one-off release ones.
  • (Seattle) Holy Mountain Brewing –The guys who made “sour” and “farmhouse” beers cool.
  • (New York) Sand City Brewing Co –A Long Island mainstay that’s finally getting some well-deserved national attention.
  • (North Carolina/ Charlotte) Unknown Brewing – A must if you’re in the Carolinas or Georgia.
  • (Rhode Island) Tilted Barn Brewery –You can only get this one at the brewery, and it’s worth the trip if you’re in the area.
  • (Wisconsin) Funk Factory Geuzeria –The first time you might’ve ever though about “funk” and “Wisconsin” at the same time.

There are more. Check out the FULL LIST HERE and get your beer-tour plans together.


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