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Tou Can Actually Buy “Bunny Farts” Cotton Candy For Easter


If you’ve been to the store lately, you’ve probably noticed shelves filled with cute chocolate bunnies and candy eggs because Easter is right around the corner. But one holiday treat you won’t find in the Easter aisles at Target or Walgreens is a bag of “Bunny Farts.”

The Little Stinker Bag of Bunny Farts Cotton Candy is an actual thing made by a real company called Bag of Farts, naturally. The package even features a lovely little cartoon rabbit passing gas with a cartoon poof. So what do bunny farts taste like, because you know that’s what you’re wondering. Fruit punch, apparently.

While we may find the whole thing vile, kids will probably love it. And the Bag of Farts company donates 10% of profits to charity, so when you buy a $9.95 bag of Bunny Farts, at least you’re supporting children with disabilities.

Source: Delish

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