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Science: Bearded Men Look Angrier


In recent years, lots of dudes love beards. There are plenty of styles to be had. For some, a beard can make all the difference on how a guy looks and feels. But it can also change a man is perceived by others. Take Leonardo DiCaprio, for instance. Without the beard, he was that baby-faced lovable doofus in “Titanic,” WITH a beard? He was a wilderness-based bad ass in “The Revenant.”

Dr. Belinda Craig is a researcher from the University of New England in Australia, and she studied beards – how they change a man’s personality, masculinity, and the perceptions of the bearded guys in society. To do that, she had subjects look at male faces – with and without beards– and rate the level of emotion and intensity they saw.

Right off the bat, she noted that beards tend to “outline the jaw…leading to a faster recognition of anger.” On the other side of the coin, David Dade, president of the British Beard Club, the bearded dudes also appeared happier and “jollier.” Others find bearded men to be “more trustworthy,” “reliable,” and “more comfortable with himself.”

Let’s just agree on one thing: dudes with that smarmy little attempt at a goatee look like losers.

Source: Daily Mail

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