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Americans Are Having A Lot Less Sex

With all the people using hook-up apps and dating sites, you’d think more people are having sex than ever, but a new study finds that’s not happening. In fact, according to the info from the General Social Survey shows that the number of Americans who haven’t had sex in the last year was at an all-time high in 2018.

The research reveals that almost a quarter of adults (23%) say they haven’t had sex in a year, and a lot of them are “20-something men.” According to the research, since 2008, the percentage of men under 30 who report they haven’t been getting any for a year nearly tripled to 28%, compared with an 8% increase for women in the same age group. And overall, the number of people between 18 and 29 who abstain more than doubled in the last decade.

So why are Americans having less sex? Researchers suggest part of it could be the growing number of single people. More people in their twenties don’t have live-in partners, so if those young men are living with their parents instead of their girlfriends, it makes sense they’re seeing a lot less action.

Source: New York Post

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