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Hangover-Free Synthetic Booze Could Be Available In Five Years

Imagine a world where you could drink all you want and never experience a hangover. Thing is? We all might just be closer to that becoming a reality.

Enter David Nutt, a neuro-psycho-pharmacologist, who plans to bring safe synthetic booze to the world. His idea? Alcarelle. Based on the super molecule “alcosynth,” the idea is providing the relaxing and socially lubricating traits brought on by alcohol consumption without the burden of a next-day hangover (or more importantly, alcohol-related health issues).

And while a number of others think he’s nuts, Nutt says he’s out to prove detractors, who say that creating an alcohol antidote is “too challenging” and “too crazy,” totally wrong.

But it’s not like everyone thinks he’s “nuts.” The project has raised more than $20-million from investors and he hopes that within the next five years, he’ll be able to bring Alcarelle to the market. The ultimate goal? To supply companies in the drinks industry with the ingredient, so that they can make and market their own products (think how the tobacco industry has invested in vaping rather than tried to fight it).

Party on!

Source: Guardian


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