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Court Says Man Can Use Hovercraft To Hunt Moose

An Alaskan moose hunter is celebrating this week after the highest court in this country ruled that he should be allowed to hunt moose while on a hovercraft.

It sounds crazy but moose hunter John Sturgeon of Anchorage had sued and lost in lower court rulings after he was banned from using his hovercraft while in the state park. Sturgeon was reportedly notified by multiple Park Service rangers at the time that using the hovercraft was unlawful. Sturgeon called it “a huge win for Alaska.”

Essentially the courts ruled that the National Park Service has the right to protect and preserve the waterways of these national parks but can’t target hovercraft users.

Now Sturgeon and other moose hunters like him can rev up their hoverboards and go moose hunting in Alaska. No comment from any of the moose located in Alaska.

Source: New York Post

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